Order details

How to order. ,At Jodime Mail Order we rendering services only to the  customers, the customer must agree in all terms and conditions. A P.O. is a must, without, job will not be done. Customer must send their products to be embroidered, cut, sowing, place snaps if is the case to our location, and all the shipping cost is upon the customer, Jodime Mail Order, will not pay for shipment.
All the job must be paid in 10 working days after invoice dated is issued,  customer must provide references, to be be checked out, including Banks,  other business and their customers as well and how long is in business. We will accepting Money Order, Certified check, also Credit Card VISA – Master Card only, No cash in any occasion.
Turnaround- Upon agreement by Jodime Mail Order and customer, we will set a date for merchandise to be delivery, and a window of time must be agreed upon. Like anybody else we have other customers deadline, we will never put a customer behind in order to serve other.
Shipping- Jodime Mail Order can work with customer, to ship all customer products by a chose carrier, such UPS, FEDEX, DHL, or truck if the volume need palettes( pallets charges will be add), but the cost will be on the customer , also if boxing is necessary, or special shipments needs, like bubbles , bags, etc the customer will be charged, unless provide such items. In all the order if possible in ratio of 200 miles, a meeting will be of great valor, for the success of a health business relationship.
If customer products need, remove tags, or bagging there will be extra cost, to be declared on P.O. Those cost will discussed base on quantity, and how often the order will be repeated .
Thank you for chosen Jodime Mail Order your embroidery vendor.