I would like to say few words regarding awareness gifts. No matter how well crafted it is the words, to call people to embrace a cause, if a gift is not present on a  person daily base, the probability to keep in mind,  the noble cause will fade a way. I would like to present one of item, most of us use at least twice a day, COFFEE MUG , specially in the morning while our brain rested and are ready for a new day, with ours goals, reminders etc.

For those who are looking something useful gifts at lowest cost, we can provide that.

Starting with absolute minimum order of 504 mugs, silk-screened in one color ( cheapest) or more colors, or maybe Wraparound , or if prefer we can provide container for large quantities  of 20′ ft 40’ft, if this what are you looking for, we’re more than help, to give all the details, turnaround, shipping time, and cost etc.

Please! Email all the detail possible, even with logo in PDF 300 DPI and don’t forget the event data, it is very important, before we even give the price of everything.

Hoping this brief words, could be a begin of a health business.

Sincerely yours.

Joe de Medeiros


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